Update on Programming Problem

I ended that last post where hubby agreed to be seen by a doctor. He did got to the doctor who confirmed that there was no longer any sign of infection. Hubby underwent a physical while he was there. He got weighed and measured every which way. All results show him to be sound and healthy, except for that hernia. He agreed to get the hernia fixed. There you have the other side of it. He is now confident in his newly measured health barometers and the fact he is 71 and never been on meds.

Materia medica was at wit’s end trying to find something wrong enough to Rx more meds once the antibiotics were used up, but was completely overruled by the numbers on the test results. Frankly, I am glad he gave in to an antibiotic much sooner than last time. He got what he needed to bounce back with far more confidence in his abilities than before. And since he still likes to karate kick dead branches off mesquite trees, should he get another cut needing stitches, he goes straight to urgent care for the stitches.


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