Mary Bake Eddy: a parable, pt 2

After the first 100 years of the Queen’s death, a number of citizens finally started waking up from their long, long thralldom and began to see that belief in Queen Mary’s decrees was actually what maimed and killed a lot of her citizens, especially children, (who were expected to overcome their own problems from a very young age). Children who could not fix themselves  were an embarrassment to the parents, proving the parents had not lived by the queen’s decree, either. So no matter how sick or maimed a child was, everyone averted their eyes and pretended not to see it. But that was easy enough to do, because they had always pretended that their own bodies were not there, either.

Even though these citizens lived on an island where the queen’s decrees were instant law, their business interests usually led people off the island to the mainland, where different laws had been enacted. There were accidents and illnesses there too, but the mainland people believed in getting help for anything that they could not fix themselves.

On the mainland, there were professional people who, like Queen Mary’s own practitioners, did nothing but fix problems, but they did not use belief or magic spells to do so, they used evidence-based medicines to prevent and cure  dis-eases. Some of these remedies worked so quickly, it was like nothing ever seen on the island, where such problems went unfixed, when magic did not work.

The professionals on the island who prayed and cast mind spells to fix the ailing,  then told the failing citizen that it was their own stubborn beliefs that was keeping the healing from happening.  They kept using magic mind spells, even when nothing changed in someone’s problem for a long time, or the problem resulted in death by sorcery (because no other cause of death was acceptable, according to one of the Queen’s decrees). Sorcery and evil spells were thus, allowed to flourish, while going to the mainland for outside help was strictly discouraged.

Queen Mary, who was sure she had become at least a demi-goddess with her magical system of decrees, made up rules that no citizen could obey 100%, without  good luck helping them. She simply refused to admit she had her own incurable problems which her round the clock teams of of her most trusting practitioners couldn’t fix, or to admit citizens might have problems beyond the reach of mind spells as well. She was so committed to her own decrees, she would be too humiliated to admit they did not always work, and her pride in her decrees was her most carefully tended belief.

After Queen Mary died with no heirs,  the ministers who kept her castle, took over enforcing the queen’s laws. These were not allowed to change nor were the ministers allowed to find another ruler (by the dead queen’s decree).  At first, most of her loyal citizens followed the ministers to the letter. The problem was, everyone  knew there was a mainland that did not rely on magic spells for any illness or accident and so many citizens moved off the island, taking their children with them. Some citizens went to the mainland for help and kept it a secret and came back to live, but the island began depopulating quickly, except for the citizens who knew and remembered the old queen and still worshiped at her shrine.

Even when the most high ministers realized this trend and tried to recruit new citizens, they found there was a diminishing number of people who wanted to believe in magic and sorcery and who would move onto the island, compared to the  all those who were leaving.  So the ministers wasted most of the the dead Queen’s reserve of gold and gems to build  communication systems to broadcast their beliefs to the mainland non-believers, thinking that if the mainland only knew what the magical, decreed beliefs were, that new citizens would embrace them and move to their island. They began to hide the sorcery aspect of the queen’s decrees and kept it in vaults until someone moved onto the island and broke ties with the mainland.

They also tried to recast their dead queen as a humble and gentle soul whose decrees still benevolently ruled the island. Although all her biographers had to admit her personality flaws, or that she used a now feared drug for pain from her non-existent kidneys, they tried to mix up their admissions with magical verbiage that protected the dead Queen’s memory, from all but the most erudite. But things were not going well. They even had to rent out rooms on the castle grounds to meet the kingdom’s expenses, but were still not successful in bringing in enough gold to keep the things going the way the queen had.

So they began a last ditch effort to recruit new followers. The most loyal were surprised to finally notice that on the mainland, there were people who still believed in witchcraft and mind control too! Though they followed different decrees, and most of them used medicine, because no one believed their bodies were not real. Study of this phenomenon made them realize that they could try to move among this group of people and sell their wares. They would just avoid the part where non-bodies did not need medicine because they were an illusion, at least for a while. They could focus on the Queen’s belief of an all-powerful Spirit of which she was a perfect reflection, so others could be too -if they followed her decrees to the letter.

And so, her castle ministers, or their heirs, sent their best representatives to the mainland. When they had to answer questions about the maiming and deaths that happened to the children on the island, they always said that medicine had its share of deaths too… However, nowadays, some of the recent child deaths that would have responded immediately to medicine, were being prosecuted in mainland courts, and the parents sentenced by mainland judges who did not believe in magic. Still when asked about that, the latest Prime Minister declared, on the record, that every case of prosecution had been overturned on appeal, so the mainland questioners were wrong about that -and therefore just casting aspersions against their beloved dead Queen.

Actually she lied in order to make her queen look good. Almost all the Judges’ rulings had been upheld. She had kept close track of the court cases, so she well-knew she was lying. Informed people also knew she was lying, so the only people who believed her were people that believed lies from authoritative people such as this persuasive Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister did not even mind that most people did not believe her, because the ones who did, are precisely the people she is currently trolling, for new recruits. The problem with most of these people is, that although they are looking for magical solutions, they are fickle and only try on passing fads for size,  and they find they hardly ever fit. And that not having a body thing, is really a reach for anyone except the most entranced and gullible.




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