The Future of Christian Science; if it has one…..

My other post asking if anybody cared has already gotten some hits and re-posts, more than from any other post on this blog. Wow. People DO care…..

I have already said that I think the BoD’s of TMC and  TPS need to dissolve themselves and transfer all their assets and/or debts to the Mary Baker Eddy Library and Museum. The main task of of the reorganized Library and Museum should be to preserve and make all of Mary Baker Eddy’s writings, including letters and legal papers, be available to the public. Her texts should be reprinted as needed, without worrying about the copyright. All past issues of all the periodicals should be housed in the museum and all the articles in those publications should go up online, for use by anyone, including branch churches;  but there would be no need to publish anything anymore, except a very limited online edition of the Monitor, perhaps…

Mary Baker Eddy is dead. Her Board(s) can’t change; the by-laws are set in stone, in spite of her semi-belief in her own immortality, Mary Baker Eddy is a corpse, and her institutions are moribund.

The church is losing branches and money is leaking like a sieve out of TMC’s Board and nothing can stop it, except to preempt the inevitable death of the church, and/or loss of the buildings by dis-incorporation and reforming as an archive and museum. There is still plenty of money for that. I like the idea of the old church being the public reading room and the new church being the public museum; the  admin, archives and the internet materials should have places too. within easy reach of the public.

Branches can go 100% independent and unite as they see fit, or dissolve as needed.

I think some Christian Science Ideas will get a rebirth if people are allowed to play with them, riff off them, and otherwise be creative without being quite so radical. It is impressive how many people have already done so, and a lot of them former church members who didn’t fit into Mary Baker Eddy’s tiny, anorexic corsets.

The text will always be the orthodox version, but all the other earlier texts should be made electronically available. Turn loose a bunch of scholars and scientists and give them free rein. They will accurately place her metaphysics in their historical context and debate the merits and flaws.

The orthodox text has so many pitfalls that I doubt the orthodox view of Christian Science will outlast my generation (I am 71, I am proud to say).  My husband is still a member of the Mother Church. I think that membership after the dissolution should be honorary and last until the member dies. Maybe each member can get a button with MBE’s Tomb on it, or something commemorative (and cheap)…

My opinion is harsh, but I think the structure of the Mother Church is not working- and it is only a quick jump to thinking of it dead. Its purpose is finished all except a for needing fan club to manage Mary Baker Eddy’s legacies and buildings.

Rebuild that pyramid. Go ahead and Saint her. She was really something for her day and time. But now she is dead and her time is gone, her ideas are outdated and her BoD has been way too conservative in preaching radical reliance for so many years, and worse, virtually covering up her reoccurring kidney stones and nasty temper and occasional morphine use. That day is over. Between Gill and Peele, all her warts are laid out plain to see without going to unauthorized biographies -and they display these deficiencies as kindly as possible, yet still remain pretty much honest.

Mary was no prophet or she would have seen the changes in evidence-based health systems coming. She didn’t and besides, her theory of mortal mind is a ghost, haunting the faithful. She did not realize all the contradictions she brought into this concept and these ideas need a major overhaul. Or else be purged in future uses of other CS principles.

I stand against the concept of facing error in order to heal. And against slow healings. Those of Jesus were fast and did not depend on introspection. If a healing is slow, it does not follow Jesus’ methods of healing. Let practitioners number and keep track of outcomes, all outcomes. And discount those healing due to being self limiting  or the placebo effect.


2 thoughts on “The Future of Christian Science; if it has one…..

  1. you are right on. charging eAch person $20 or so to read what should be given to the world. i was reading testimonies and to finish reading i needed to subscribe to JSH. com. wrong! where are the300 plus pages she wrote on Genesis. why aren’t they published?

  2. You err in discounting the placebo effect. Read Lissa Rankin’s “Mind Over Medicine” or watch her TED talks on YouTube. Placebo’s heal and changes in brain chemistry prove it. CS is a placebo as well as being a statement of the substantiality of Spirit. It works if the patient believes that the Practitioner’s work is efficacious.

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