Chapter 6:Science Theology, Medicine redux

In Chapter 6, Mary Baker Eddy says that mortal mind can and does create smallpox, and pass it around through the common belief in smallpox. People can create their own cases of smallpox by seeing images of people suffering from small pox., for instance. Or it could be created on a corpse because of the doctor’s belief.

It would be scientific to test that hypothesis, because smallpox is far away from our imagined bodies in today’s world.  If this hypothesis works, the experimental subjects will gaze upon images of people with small pox. And the control will look at a images of people without smallpox. Mary Baker Eddy claims that one short look at an image of a disease will produce it in the looker. So we will test the subjects with both short exposures to images and long exposures to the same image, details- tbd.

 If Mary Baker Eddy is correct, the exposure to the image should make smallpox real enough to catch the idea  and thus it will manifest smallpox on the bodies of the test subjects.  Then we count how many times the subjects develop smallpox compared to the control group.

 Remember, all disease is mental and catching through the subject’s minds, so it is believed that distance from the smallpox makes no difference. This is an easy experiment that can be done with any number of images of diseases, maybe something not contagious- like a goiter.

Another version of this experiment would be for the test subjects to go to a doctor who will then tell them they have a certain disease and count the numbers of subjects who get the described disease.

The null hypothesis of all of the foregoing would be that images presented to the subject’s mortal mind are not catching, whether the problem depicted is contagious or not. Therefore it is ridiculous to teach that idea. It just promotes fear of seeing ugly things.

Christians Scientists actually do fear that ideas like watching an ad for medicine describing symptoms, is giving reality to mortal mind and making the viewer more susceptible to the depicted images.

Please, show me the logic in that idea, yet it affects most CSers every day of their struggle not to give reality to matter. I look at stuff like that all the time (not that I like it) and I have never caught anything from mortal mind’s suggestions of reality in matter, and I never will.

It is just superstition not to describe any symptoms beyond home remedies, and let a doctor name them. Nowadays it it most likely that there is a remedy that works better and more swiftly than prayer.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 6:Science Theology, Medicine redux

  1. There is something to be said for not watching endless advertisements about new drugs, and for just turning off the TV in general. Even from a non-CS perspective, not being bombarded with constant audio/visual stimulation, the negativity in the news, and inane ads for everything is incredibly helpful.

    As for looking at images of diseases being catching, I’ve had some friends who were medical students, every week they suddenly had psycho-somatic symptoms of whatever new awful disease they were studying. Of course it was all in their head, but that didn’t stop them from obsessively reading everything about it.

  2. I always love your comments! I agree. I control the media I watch. One way to easily skip commercials is to tape the show and watch it later. You can then fast forward through the ads. I am not afraid of seeing that stuff though, I am just annoyed at them, especially at the very fast talking about all the side effects.

    I used to work at a psychiatric clinic and saw lots of ugly things.Bottom feeders in trouble. I was almost always able to develop a case plan to address many of the issues, one by one. Sometimes it even helped…

    It was hard not to take some of them to heart and my heart actually got sick during that job, a symbolism by my ‘Louise Hay’ -loving sister pointed out in her little blue book, “heal your body” Louise is a former Christian Scientist, or so I have heard..

    When you get out of the church, it does not mean that there isn’t a lot of Christian Science influence, still out there. LOL! In the form of Prosperity thinking for one, which has permeated regular Christianity. Much of the spiritual self improvement stuff is from ex-CSers “compromising” the CS system LOL..

  3. The medical school thing is true of psychiatric workers in graduate school, too, with mental disorders, but most are introspective enough to know it is not a match; though “trying it on for size” gives one a baseline, actually. An internal kinesthetic sense of the complaint. It is a help in recognizing it when/if the real thing is seen later. Medical students bathe themselves in the information of a complaint; but they will most likely never get it.

    In my experiment above, it is highly unlikely than anyone will develop a real case of small pox, no matter how much information is supplied to the senses. If someone can produce the rash, it would be something to study, wouldn’t it? Talk about conversion reaction!!! I doubt the most malleable mind as a subject for the experiment could ever produce the actual microbes, even if they could, the fever and rash. Such an influence-able person should never try to be a healer or practitioner LOL! :-).

    And small pox is the actual disease MBE mentioned as catchable- by the thought of it.

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