A Warning about Christian Science Practitioners

Christian Science practitioners pride themselves in using their Leader’s discovery and system, which is based on the original healing method of Christ Jesus.

But please note: All of Jesus’ healings were instant. There was no telling the patient they needed to handle an error before the healing could take place. There was no praying for hours, days, weeks, months and even years with no change in the condition or keeping the prayer up if it got worse. There was no refusal to take a case for moral reasons or for any reason. Jesus never made a second visit; he got it done in the first encounter.

Now that is Christian healing as Jesus did it. He may not have used meds, but he did get the job done. There is no reported case where He failed to heal. And He certainly never criticized people for not using His method.


After watching Christian Science practices for close to 50 years, I finally have the nerve to proclaim that if a practitioner can’t affect the healing quickly, then the practice is not the same system as Jesus used. In truth, the style of Christian Science healing as practiced in the last 50 years, has little to do with Jesus’ methods of healing.

Instead, it is based on arguing against the reality of the disease. Arguing that man is the perfect image and likeness of God and therefore is spiritual, not material, and that no illness manifesting on the appearance of matter is real, it is an illusion that can be overcome.  This system requires prayer and sometimes argument or “handling error”.

Since when did it start taking so long to heal in so many cases? Is this how it was at the beginning of the movement, when people were flooding into the church, and healings were expected and received? Back when new branches opened every month, and the words “Christian Science” were on the lips of all the rich, famous and rising souls, were healings such tortuous struggles of reason and prayer?

Whatever. Today Practitioners, indeed, Christian Scientists, are few and far between. Most people no longer know what it is, unless they vaguely think it is the church where children die from not going to doctors. How did Christian Science come to such a pass?

Practitioners seem to be a feeble lot who take as long to heal as the ailment would have taken to disappear anyway. Or in some cases of seeping sores, there is not improvement in months, yet  practitioners stay on the case instead of admitting they can’t do the job. Or put it back on the patient for some “error” in thinking.

I call for a new standard.

That is; if a condition does not start reversing immediately and make quick progress, that the practitioner admits they are are not up to the job. If there is no other practitioner who can get a quick result, then the member should be able to go to an alternative treatment of his/her choice, especially when there is a belief in infection or diabetes being manifested on the belief of a mortal body.

Infections are tricky and can last for a long time. They do a lot of damage to the false idea of the body and even kill, so a practitioner who can’t get rid of an infection in 24 hours or less, should recommend the patient to  antibiotics. Better that there be no lasting damage to the belief of the mortal body, than to tough it out when Christian Science treatment is not fast and effective.

Sometimes 24 hours is too long to wait, for the virulent action of some infections kill that fast. Better that one accedes to mortal mind’s belief that antibiotics are evidence-based treatments that dispose of almost 100% of the infections treated with them, than die or be maimed.

It is simply a lie that going to a doctor is a setback to spiritual progress, and future healings will be harder. Mortal mind, in spite of being nothing, often wins when CS is used for an infection, because the belief is now so strong that antibiotics work, that it is now far more useless to try to use CS on strong infections than it was when there were no antibiotics.

Just as we aren’t going to give up eating, or procreating in this life, or failing to use bone setting;  or give birth in a hospital, or wear glasses or go to dentists, it is now just as stupid to pray over an infection that is bad enough to call a practitioner. If it is worse than some H2O2, some iodine, or Mercurochrome, and a band aid, can take care of, then skip the practitioner step and go get the antibiotics and/or get stitched up.

No wonder there are now so many unlisted practitioners; they are mostly people who would pick their battles with mortal mind and not ask God to do something He doesn’t even know about (matter). Use mortal mind to keep mortal mind in check, when there is a method to do so. If something like a sudden infection has you going to an emergency room, then get the meds -and use Christian Science to know that this experience will be safe and effective for the patient and that there are no complications.

It is my personal belief that Christian Science is not properly tested and evidence-based; that practitioners are not all equal in ability to affect a healing. If is my belief that practitioners don’t analyze it when a case goes wrong or someone dies. They don’t share cases and arguments that have worked. Maybe a little bit in an association meeting, but not really. Practitioners don’t take responsibility for their interventions when they don’t work, in my experience, they just dissociate from them.

So play with metaphysics if you will, and give God His due, but give mortal mind its due too, and don’t wait on a more difficult case than a practitioner can handle, before seeking remedies mortal mind agrees work.


8 thoughts on “A Warning about Christian Science Practitioners

  1. Reblogged this on kindism and commented:
    I’m not sure “warning” is the right word, but this is something people should keep in mind. Jesus healed instantly, his disciples (contemporaries of the day who had learned directly from the Master) and the Apostle Paul fell short of Jesus’ level. 2000 years later, MBE and her CSPs often fall short of the amazing feats of physical healing. There should be no shame/stigma in the CS community attached to seeking medical attention.

    Many CSPs are lovely people and are wonderful to talk to about problems, they can often help you calm down, address your fears, and work through trying times, but when it comes to life-or-death situations (infection, diabetes, cancer, unchecked growths, etc.) relying solely on someone’s “ability to heal through CS” and one’s own “understanding” is often deadly.

  2. Hope you don’t mind, I’ve reblogged this! Portions of this post should be taped to the doors of CS churches across the country & read before every Sunday & Wednesday evening service.

  3. Thank you. I agree completely about what Christian Science Practitioners are best at. Reassurance, calming fears, re-framing life issues, and as such I think they are working to their strengths. Positivity without denial, Love without judgement, Knowing that, “every little thing is gonna be alright” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGYAAsHT4QE

  4. Reblogged this on Emerging Gently and commented:
    I agree completely. CS falls woefully short of the standard established by Jesus (as it is stated in the Bible). I’ve often referred to my favourite definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” (attributed to Albert Einstein) Based on that, I and many others who stuck with CS were insane, and many remain so–tragically. I think CS practitioners should be held to account for failures. All other professionals are. Why should it be different for practitioners?

    1. Thank you for your remarks. Practitioners need to hold themselves to a high standard of healing, or they will probably be regulated- and made to take anatomy and physiology and suchlike. Ignorance is a really bad excuse.

      1. Agreed on the physical healing aspect of CSPs, but credit where credit is due, I’ve worked with several who were genuinely helpful at working through life issues…

        MKHuggins is right “Reassurance, calming fears, re-framing life issues, and as such I think they are working to their strengths. Positivity without denial, Love without judgement” is what SOME of them really excel at…

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