Christian Science does not work any better than a placebo

When I first started this blog, I was practically blind with rage and grief at the damage Christian Science beliefs put into practice has had on my family’s lives. As I dredged up more and more, and lost whatever respect I had left, the posts got long and tangled. after this post I am going to start taking smaller chunks of my opinions and presenting them in a brief, condensed form.

When I started this blog, I had not looked at any of the literature about the church from non-church sources, except Arthur Corey’s books, back in the 80’s- with which I could find no fault. I thought they exemplified what a good practitioner should be and still do, but he was too little, too late, and even went up in the same flames as all the other non-conformists before him had –no matter what their merits.

I have since read all the usual books and mentioned them here and there in my posts. I have come to hold what I think is a fairly logical position, which is that


“Christian Science does not work any better than a placebo”



4 thoughts on “Christian Science does not work any better than a placebo

  1. The placebo effect is a distorting factor when it comes to paranormal healing claims.

    Through entanglement, morphogenetic fields, and associations made by the human mind, there are examples of thought working outside the body to other bodies and situations. This is hardly the placebo effect in common use. The common use is placebos working within the mind and body.

    On the other hand, Spindrift found a type of placebo effect that could be conveyed by some kinds of prayers that had the intention to do what they felt was right. That is, the ego at work at-a-distance thinking it’s right could sometimes produce what might be considered the placebo effect working beyond the mind/body system to another system.

    It is rare to eliminate the placebo effect having an effect in situations involving strong beliefs, faith healings, charismatic personalities that convince someone to be healed, and regular and fervent prayers.

    The challenge for religion and Christian Science is to delineate the placebo effect as a convinced interior healing phenomenon from an effect that is transmitted beyond the mind that addresses another mind or situation.

    There is also a negative form called the “nocebo effect.” We don’t hear to much about that, but there are researchers looking into necebos’ as disrupting effects.

  2. Hi Bill
    I read everything on your website. At no time did I see any actual data- nor any method to duplicate your results.

    The ego can’t work at a distance. That is what witches were claimed to do, not to mention Malicious Animal Magnetism. There is no way for an ego to work at a distance or this world would be full of a lot more so-called witchcraft. No type of witchcraft has ever done anything except incite hysteria in its believers.

  3. You have left out research as concerns the psychological consequences of belief ;
    its effect upon crowds and upon the body/mind of the individual cooperating with attention and acceptance. It’s what I would call the ego.

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