The Food Revolution

Even though you may have no respect for the kind of Christian Scientist I was when I joined, then left the church, maybe being a halfassed Christian Scientist makes a good way to transition away from being a proper and good Christian Scientist as no doubt, many of you once were.

Generic Medicines.

It is my hope that if anybody to whom it is relevant reads this, they will not innocently embrace American Medicine as it is practiced today. Especially beware of medicines that aren’t generic yet. That patent period, when they sell to the public at the highest prices is when the real human testing is done. Therefore, what I do is avoid patent medicines (funny term, huh?). No only are they outrageously expensive, they are not fully tested on human beings when they hit the market. That is why so many medicines are recalled. So my rule of thumb is take generic medicines only.

Instead, let food be your medicine. That is a rule of thumb too. I take medicines for atrial fibrillation, to slow the heart rate down, and a blood thinner for both the a-fib and mechanical heart valve I received in 2006. (The reason: An attack of scarlet fever in 1947 that left me with a very slight heart murmur that didn’t get bad enough to fix until 2006). I am very happy to be able to stay in balance with these meds, though it did take a few years to get the formula just right. I research every med I take and pay close attention to what it does for me before I fully accept it. But, in general, chronic conditions like obesity that goes diabetic are especially amenable to the correct diet for that condition.

Did you ever think that eating food could be science-based? After all, you really don’t need science to eat right, which would be fresh and frozen foods: veggies, protein, and fat. Avoid products with added sugar. That’s it.

You don’t need to know more to eat right, but when you look at how our fresh food is produced, there are a lot of things, amiss. The switch in the 1940’s to using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They seemed so scientific, everyone was in favor of it, but it has also become a matter of money and jobs to the manufacturers, since then. Artificial agriculture was considered essential, it was subsidized heavily and still is. However, it has knocked almost every family farm out of business in the last 70 years. The chemical companies that make fertilizers and pesticides for big farms have a lot of political clout, which they happen to be focusing on Vermont which is passing a GMO labeling law as I write. They want a rider that makes the chemical companies free from liability.  ??? !!!

There are a lot of people fighting this right now, so Vermont may become a model for a nationwide label GMO products. GMO might sound fine right now, just as families used DDT inside homes in the 40’s to get rid of flies. Now we know better. GMO’s are not science-based, they are mostly modified to enable the plant to withstand huge doses of herbicides and pesticides. They are the completely narcissistic result of  forcing their formulas on the industry, instead of inventing new things that benefit people. They have corrupted themselves into some kind of incestuous pornography of chemical brews that damage people, and they can not afford to care about that and still make gargantuan profits.

So, on to the Food Revolution.

All during the rise of chemical farming, there has been a coterie of people collectively labeled as “health food nuts”. But inside that pejorative term are many serious scientists and MD doctors, who have decried the rise of chemical farming since the beginning. They are interested in nutrition, science-based nutrition and for one thing, fat is good for you. Low fat/high carb diets have been the establishment blab since Pritikin came out with it, what 40-50 years ago? But now we know that dietary cholesterol has nothing to due with cholesterol levels in the blood and animal fat is good for you, its trans fats that are bad. That is what science supports.

Medicine should be science based; so should growing foods. We know that mass overcrowded chickens and caged pigs fed antibiotics daily so they can survive under those conditions, are awful, but that is what you have to do  to make a profit. And their manure has become a health hazard itself. It has no use.The ultimate answer is probably local family farms everywhere there is good farm land. Then they fertilize with their own manure. DUH.

Why is this taking a huge multi-decade clash with the corporate structure to fix? Why are people like Dr Joseph Mercola and Dr Oz, vilified? Not to mention the scads of people with nutrition degrees and other PhDs. Here’s one who expects you to understand her science-based vocabulary. One and all these people advocate for organic foods grown without chemicals. The organic movement is growing. I can get organic food at the Safeway and the Kroger’s and the Walmart (Were I to shop there at all) It is also among this group of people that you will find the actual science of many of the vaccine formulas and the lack of science based research in their manufacture.

I think my path with this blog is to present the third way. Not Christian Science, but not an all out cave in to corporate patent medicine and drugs, either. Food as medicine is the third way. And that way also leads to the requirement of corporate and planetary discipline.






One thought on “The Food Revolution

  1. I know you mean well, but some of the things you say here are straight out of the anti-GMO, anti-scientific handbook.

    You say GMO’s are not science-based, they are mostly modified to enable the plant to withstand huge doses of herbicides and pesticides.


    Any honest inquiry into pesticide and herbicide use will quickly reveal that GMO crops require far LESS of both, and fewer trips into the fields to spray, and this is one of the major savings to farmers. And to suggest GMOs are not science-based is really beyond the pale. One does not genetically modify plants by praying over seeds.

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