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Mary Kathleen Huggins

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I am in my 8th decade on this earth, a half-century spent in contact with Christian Scientists, primary among them, my husband, the 4th generation in his family to join The Mother Church (TMC).  His family’s involvement with the church allowed me the opportunity to study Christian Scientists and their behaviors, as well as the doctrine of the Christian Science church. I gathered data without even realizing it for many years, adding to my knowledge of many other religions and human beliefs in general. I participated in Christian Science to the extent of joining a branch church and TMC because my husband did. I later quit because I realized I did not have the commitment for a radial reliance on God as practiced by the people and practitioners I knew

mkhuggins summer ’78 age 37 ca time of joining TMC and local branch church.

Before I met Christian Science, I had a very multicultural life, as the expression today goes. My hobby has been to study what people believe and how culture arises from beliefs, since I was about 15 years old and took a high school humanities course in world beliefs.

I give my own personal background in CS in my first post in this blog and discuss all the other beliefs I have looked at in a post titled, My education in occult and religious studies in ancient and modern times “. It doesn’t include my acquaintance with various Christian sects.

Unfortunately, after almost 50 years of serious study of the theology and the practice of CS, I see no evidence that Christian Science works in many cases beyond the excellence of positive thinking in more than the 90% of all dis-eases that are self-limiting and get better if you take aspirin, or something else, or not. For no material agent ever does the healing, only the body itself can do it, given the right support for the situation.

I have come to think there must be some flaw in the theology of CS and I conclude it is the belief in mortal mind and animal magnetism that undoes much good this religion might otherwise achieve. The belief that animal magnetism can harm another is nothing but a belief in witchcraft, done up in new language. Mind reading, telepathy, mental massacres, long distance psychic wars, are superstitious beliefs and contribute nothing to the theology of CS and in fact, introduce a false dualism that is strangling the metaphysics.

What I write in this blog will not appeal to believing Christian Scientists, but it will give questioners something to think about.

I sincerely believe at least one line in the Bible, and probably a few more than this one, “God is Love”. I think love is an energy that has no limits and is what binds the universe together. Love is not material, it is spiritual; it is god, if there is a god, but why not just call it “Love”?

Although I take the position of a skeptic or non-believer most of the time, I will reconsider, if given extra-Biblical proof that Jesus was real and that He was a healer. The evidence He was a real person is minuscule and that He was a healer among other things, is non-existent. Unfortunately or fortunately I have lost faith. Now I want proof for every claim, whether it is a claim about healing (esp. in Christian Science) the Virgin birth, or the Resurrection.

A complete contradiction in my skepticism is my love

sta surferfor Guadalupe or Tonantzin of the Aztecs. I see her as the mother form of god (if there is a God). I keep images of her around my home on pillows, on statues, in paintings, my keychain, on my gym bag , on earrings or pins I like to wear, and anything else I can find with Her image on it. I have two electrified images which cast off changing lights. Fortunately She is very kitschy in my hometown, so she is plastered all over the place on buildings and walls. My basic prayer to her is a heartfelt, “Mommy!!!”

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14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. From your multitude of experiences, you have arrived at a position that is understandable. The whole fabric of Western culture has undergone a shift away from religion to science. People are unaware of how their subconscious thoughts have made this change. Some would deny this change has happened to them.

    Christian Science and its healing methodology worked well in a mental atmosphere of religious thought that permeated the collective minds of the past. Now minds are permeated with skepticism about it. Science is King. Today everything has a count, has to be pinned down, or measured. It’s a two-edged sword. I like counting and measuring. Unfortunately, it brings with it a degree of attenuation of the fresh flow of faith for a situation. However, it is the reality today that everything is not taken on faith-terms. Having faith is considered what ignorant people do, not educated modern folks.

    It is this shift from religion in the back of our minds to a scientific mindset that has caused the biggest problem for Christian Science being effective as it used to be effective. Unless you believe the accounts of healing were frauds, there is definitely a change in how things worked in the past. From Star Wars, “There is something wrong in the force.” There are many more non healings in today’s mental atmosphere.

    If you closely examine your memory, you are very likely going to remember instances of healing and extraordinary paranormal experiences you had or were around. These are precious moments. The fact is, mortal mind, along with the fast-paced modern culture, suppress or eliminate these experiences from our memories. Why? So we see only the failures or the nonstarters or the alternate ways to explain away what we experienced. It’s also straight psychology. The odd and novel are eliminated by the mind.

    The editing in our subconscious minds of the special psychic and spiritual moments and experiences in our lives is one of the discoveries of the paranormal prayer research at http://www.SpindriftResearch.org. It’s quite fascinating material to consider. The bottom of it is that our material senses and mortal mind don’t want us human beings to know very much about the paranormal realm which includes spiritual experiences and healings. It is okay to believe in them or not. It’s not okay to go deeply into them and find that at least some of these experiences did happen.

    Today, these experiences lose their steam in memory, and failures overwhelm in their place. How that loss of memory takes place is as wild as any detective story or conspiracy theory.

    — Bill Sweet with http://www.SpindriftResearch.org

    1. I posted this although it is a form letter to advertise this guy’s point of view. I am headed over there to take a look, though I am predisposed to argue several points in this missive.

    2. “The bottom of it is that our material senses and mortal mind don’t want us human beings to know very much about the paranormal realm which includes spiritual experiences and healings.”

      You obviously did not read my work or you would know I question and analyze this concept of mortal mind throughout Mary Baker Eddy’s works. Mortal mind? Mm does not keep us from understanding anything. This is a pretend claim with no basis in fact. I think talking about the paranormal is entirely the wrong paradigm, and I certainly do not believe that thoughts focused on others affect them in any way, unless someone believes outside thoughts are affecting them, then it is their own imagination that creates the effect.

      I would not mind a direct response to one of my articles, indicating your argument or POV as compared to mine. I suspect there is a lot to disagree on. I was disturbed that the founders of that org committed mutual death together. Either their own prayers did not work, or they believed someone else’s “prayer” mentally murdered them. It is just too weird and no there is no explanation about who is actually running the joint.

      Suddenly, it occurs to me that many others can think I am as kooky as these dudes. I would not agree with that; I am not claiming anything new, I am just debunking the lies in Mary Baker Eddy’s life and works. I am using her authorized biographies and her own words to do this.

  2. On the contrary, there are subtle ways to test for the influence of the human mind’s defense mechanisms to see shifts away from accurately absorbing a paranormal experience when it happens to one. True, some experiences are delusions. The actual ones tend to elude us.

    There is also Trickster theory which hasn’t been given the scientific attention that Defense Mechanism Theory has been given by psychology.

    You may now be convinced that you never had a spiritual or paranormal experience. I’m sure you have, but whatever it was, it is gone now. I have two atheist friends who have told me about their paranormal experiences. Also, there have been atheists I have heard at conferences who have had near death experiences, and the experience has changed their views. Near Dear Experiences are one of the exceptions to the Defense Mechanism Theory coming into play because the defenses presume the person is going to be dead, so why challenge that they are experiencing a phenomenon.

    Imagination, the placebo effect, and expectation all affect outcomes. That should be amazing all in their own way, even if someone doesn’t accept a divine influence. It’s the effect of thought on a non human target that makes serious paranormal testing more interesting.

    BTW, I found out about your blog today as someone reposted it on a Christian Science Issues site on Yahoo. The blog was this one =


  3. Hi Bill
    I have spent some time on your website and also reviewed Fraser’s remarks about Spindrift. I think it is interesting to read your reporting on past experiments Spindrift conducted.

    I would like to see the protocols for the experiments, the practices, the conclusion etc, written up like a scientific paper, if it has not been done. The most important thing to scientists is to be able to take a paper about an experiment and repeat the experiment exactly as it was done. If done well, the 2nd experimenter should get the same results as the first one. You do not go into any details on your site, and I think you should start doing that.

    One of the things I do in this blog is to design simple experiments with a control group, to quantify the work practitioners are doing, These are meant to be simple experiments, easy to carry out. because they will not measure processes, but results. I mean to find out if pracsters actually have any measurable effect beyond the expected self-healing, and the placebo effects that operate in the vast majority of dis-ease.

    If you you to read my site, you would realize that I am an anthropologist approaching a belief system. I have deep familiarity with the occult and paranormal. I don’t care about these things much anymore, and they don’t define my paradigm of dis-ease.

    My paradigm is based on the concept that God is Love and fear is the most dangerous thing we ever feel. My thought is that fear underlies most familiar dis-eases. Fear produces stress in the body or mind. Stress lowers the immune system in general, leaving one open to whatever system is weakest at the moment. This is an extremely simple way of stating my argument, but I give examples all the time in my posts.

    I think the most important thing healing practices can do is relieve fears. I see a post explaining this coming on…..

    1. I don’t see that I replied to this post. Perhaps I did. Well, here is another try.

      The Scientific papers are on the website. Go to the Documents page and click the bottom link. This link brings up a 376 page scientific write-up of papers. The website Home page is http://www.SpindriftResearch.org.

      Your point about measuring effects coming from healers of various backgrounds including Christian Science is important. It’s also evitable. The resistance to at least some monitoring in the Christian Science System should change simply through default. For example, as a default, look at the century long resistance to reading the Bible Lesson Sermons from anything other than the physical books. Today, that no-no isn’t even a second thought anymore.

  4. found an Amazing book about Science and Religion without theology. author is John Hargreaves, a British CS practioner. book is As I See It. It can be purchased from Amazon or Mulberry Press. Newest edition from Mulberry Press. I sincerely believe if his concepts were taught and adapted from very very young age, our world now would be seen as “the kingdom of heaven”. Please read and comment. Every one on my Christmas list will be receiving one.

    1. Lindij2022,

      Many paths lead up many mountains. That is an oriental phrase more or less. I think that many in the future who have an inherent spiritual tendency to believe will have to go on the path of science first to find God and some spiritually satisfying explanations. John Hargreaves, John Doorly, Max Keppelar and some others have done writing experiments where they minimize theological terms and the word “God.” Some people I have met like to pray without referencing the name “God.” Some people just seem to need to go on different paths. Even my neighbor, forty feet away, told me he believes in many Gods to pray toward as a Hindu. He is on a path and it shows.

      Myself, my agenda is the hope that religious folks of the future find a balance of their religious sediments and science. After all, it’s obvious that science is taking the lead over religion, so religion should find an appropriate path up the mountain that includes science. Isn’t God, the scientific Principle, the creator of the good quantity and quality in science? I thought that path was what made Christian Science unique among religions.

  5. I did not know Christian Scientists knew what scoliosis is! How do you know you had scoliosis? Was it diagnosed before you became a Christian Scientist? And nothing helped it, then you converted to Christian Science and suddenly, or gradually, you were healed?

    Scoliosis is a spinal deformity, usually from birth and Christian Science never has had much of a record for changing the way a bone is. Even if it is broken, it is OK for a human to put it back together, but no one expects Christian Science to set or manipulate bones without human help- not even MBE, herself.

    You claim is utterly unbelievable anywhere but a Wednesday night meeting. I suppose you are one of those Yankee Adamses whose family lived parallel lives with MBE, who still uphold the CS banner and are absolutely clueless what scoliosis actually is. I have seen a praxter named John Quincey Adams on videotape and if you are the son he tells the story about asking if he wanted to go to the hospital and you chose not to, but to radically rely on Christian Science instead; you made him so proud, he bragged about you in one of his lectures. If not that actual son, perhaps you are one very similar, but to me, the Adams name connected with CS is a big red flag for radical reliance, or else you lose spiritual strength every time you do rely on a medical intervention.

    If you are not part of that Adams family, then thanx for giving me a chance to poke at the big Q who does lecture for the church. I watched all 52 board lectures on YouTube last year and his was the absolute worst out of a bad lot of dogmatic tru believers.

    There is absolutely no Spirit of Science about Christian Science. In fact all science is forbidden in this religion and its testimonials, yet the name has been appropriated for something that has less science to it than the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association”, the “bible” of psychiatry, LOL! See my posts about that!

  6. There are more than enough accounts of actual ‘healing’ via CS – funny though, it seems to be alright to make ‘pronouncements’ of how things work through paranormal studies, etc., but not with religious sentiments.
    Well, start with Gos as ALL! Begin there – and everything else come after.
    Mortal Mind is very simple – it is believing in everything that God is not!
    Fleshly body, disease, etc etc.
    Remember, we are talking about REALITY – therefore it all comes to us via consciousness – if we had no mind/consciousness, of what matter would it be the rest of creation?
    ANSWER: IT wouldn’t.
    Mrs. Eddy was trying to teach from this standpoint.

    1. What a fuzzy bunch of writing. First off, you have to choose to believe in God when there is no proof such a being exists or has any power to take sides or break his own rules of creation, esp for followers of Mary Baker Eddy.

      Consciousness is what we have. We each build our own world out of words and thoughts, then experience our internal description of the world as being real. In fact, CS can no more perceive reality than any other point of view can. We can only perceive our constructions of it. Actual science weighs and measures matter and learns how to work with it, not deny it. Our conception of our mortal bodies are our thoughts about it. But matter lies beyond our personal consciousnesses. You are only pretending or fooling yourself when you do battle with matter on a daily basis. There are some things consciousness can change, and some things it can’t.

  7. Your spin on CS and mis information that you are spreading about it is absolutely amazing, – uncalled for. If you really knew the truth about CS you would spread the truth about it, not a pack of lies . . . . But God bless you in your ignorance anyway.

    1. Bradley
      I can’t imagine why you bothered to comment on, let alone read, the about me page. I hope you were absolutely horrified by my spin; I hope it haunts you with toms of animal magnetism for making a link to my consciousness. You just wait until your kid gets sick and see how you deal with it when CS treatment doesn’t work. Many members of this church are in absolute denial about the cases that fail.

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